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Randy Mains
CRM Instructor Qualification Course


Do you require an in-company certified Crew Resource Management Instructor?  Or perhaps you’re personally interested in becoming an internationally knowledgeable CRM Instructor? Understanding factors that can cause human error has been proven to reduce aviation accidents.  For example, when the US Coast Guard began CRM training they reduced their accidents and incidents by 70%.  You and/or your company can make a significant improvement in your aviation safety when your team adopts proven CRM principles. 
80% of all aviation accidents have an element of human error and poor CRM. 80%!
In helicopter air ambulance it's much higher.  94% !!!!  Stop needless injury, loss of life and equipment by becoming a certified CRM Instructor from America's leading CRM Instructor, Capt. Randy Mains, author of "The Golden Hour" and Internationally EASA certified CRM instructor.  The course you will take with you meets the international standard requirements and recommendations of the FAA, Transport Canada, European Aviation Safety Agency, ICAO, UK CAA, Australian CASA, and the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transportation Systems (CAMTS)
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 Upcoming Courses/Events

Upcoming Classes

February 17-21st Advent Health Hospital, Orlando, Florida

​​March 23-27th Advent Health Hospital Orlando, Florida


Royal Oman Police Air Wing, CRM Instructor course

LifeFlight Doha, Qatar, CRM Instructor course

Siller Helicopters two, Maintenance Resource Management courses

What attendees have said about the CRMI courses...

“It's as if you're a new convert to religion.  You’ve already bought in to the product and know it's right. Now you just need education, insight, information, and mentorship so that you can be a witness to others convincingly and with backing...that is Randy Mains’ Crew Resource Management Instructor Course.”

Gene Reynolds
C-47 Chinook Instructor Fort Rucker
Special Operations Combat pilot Afghanistan

"If you understand and appreciate the importance of CRM/AMRM in keeping yourself and your crews educated and safe – this course is for you.  If you DON’T understand and appreciate the importance of CRM/AMRM – this course is a MUST for you!”

Dr. Ira Blumen
Medical Director
University of Chicago Air Medical Network UCAN 

“Randy, The 5-day CRMI course you presented to our team members here with the Maryland State Police Aviation Unit was definitely one of the best and most memorable that I have experienced.  Your passion for the message is contagious.  The "CRM Tool chest" you have given us is an invaluable resource as we move to create a more inspiring, well rounded CRM program.  You may never know how many lives you have saved, but rest assured you are making a difference.  Hopefully, we can inspire just as you have inspired us.”

Marcus Alberghini Senior Instructor Pilot
Maryland State Police Aviation Unit

“No joke, and not blowing smoke—this has been the best week I’ve had in a very long time. Adults, professionals, great conversation and learning.  Thank you for showing me so many habits and practices to emulate.  Perfect!”

Jamie St. Dennis
Air Interdiction Agent and pilot
Border, Customs and Homeland Security.

“Thank you for the great job that you did teaching and facilitating our group.  This was a great learning experience and it will serve as a long lasting reminder of maintaining vigilance using my CRM skills.  I pledge to continue to be a CRM ambassador.”

Air Interdiction Agent
Border, Customs and Homeland Security pilot.

I have never experienced such a safe and supportive learning environment in my career. Although there was a lot of material to cover I felt like the time passed too quickly.” 
Dolores Greenlaw
9,500 hour IFR Captain

"I wish the course could have gone on another couple of days.  The content was invaluable.  I loved the dirversity of the group who freely shared their interaction with different cultures and  their experiences.  I now have some amazing new friends and stories." 
Marnie Hill CFII 

"Fantastic training delivered with true passion.  I only wish I had been armed with these important tools many years ago." 
Scott Fletcher,
Former Transport Canada Inspector
General Manager Summit Helicopters 

"Thank you to Randy Mains for reminding us to keep CRM a way of life and to keep spreading the word, passionately, until everyone comes home safely!”

Sarah Dorina Smith-Dufton
Single & Multiengine Land Instrument
Airplane, Flight Instructor Airplane
Commercial Rotorcraft-Turbine

“As an attendee for this CRM Instructor’s course I found it an invaluable tool to aircrew training and safety. Randy Mains has melded 35 years of instructional experience in CRM with a lifetime of crewmember skills to produce what is really THE preeminent CRM instructor course. I completed the course with the skills not only to instruct CRM, but to truly engage my peers in a meaningful way, which will result in safer, better resourced flight crews.”
David Tappe
Director of Training and Standards
CHI Aviation

“Definitely one of the best weeks in my career of 26 years of flying helicopters.”
Hannes Ulmer
Swiss Helicopter Pilot




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